About us

Welcome to Birru Jewelry!

Founded in early 2015 by a passionate duo of a mother and daughter, Birru Jewelry embodies a love for all things crafty and unique in jewelry design. Starting from scratch, we embarked on a journey to learn the art of jewelry making, attending classes on wire jewelry and venturing into our own techniques, particularly focusing on wire crocheting, weaving, and everything in between.

What began as a hobby soon evolved into a business venture as we gained confidence in our creations and received positive feedback from our early customers. Today, Birru Jewelry boasts a diverse portfolio of thousands of products that have reached customers globally, with a significant presence in Indonesia and across Southeast Asia.

Our commitment to innovation has been recognized through various awards, including accolades from the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicrafts (ASEPHI), the Australia Award for Jewelry Business and Design, as well as recognition from Femina magazine, among others. At the heart of our brand is a dedication to blending contemporary styles with traditional Indonesian designs, utilizing wire techniques as our signature element.

Crafted with care, our products feature meticulously selected natural stones such as agate, chalcedony, fluorite, and chrysocolla, along with freshwater pearls, all intricately combined with enameled copper wire.

In addition to our online presence, you can explore our offerings on Tokopedia or visit our stockists at Sarinah Thamrin Jakarta, where you can experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Birru Jewelry firsthand.

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